How To Give A Guinea Pig A Bath?

If you have a guinea pig, then you must learn how to give a guinea pig a bath. Guinea pigs are social animals with compact, rounded bodies, short legs, and no tails. This tiny creature needs to be bath only once a month if it has an infection or abscess. In today’s post, I will teach you how to give your guinea pig a bath for the first time. Guinea pigs are just like cats; they are great at keeping themselves clean. Without wasting much time, let’s now check out how to give a guinea pig a bath in more detail.

How To Give A Guinea Pig A Bath?

In this section, I will tell you how to give a guinea pig a bath. These rodents are very sensitive to radical changes in temperature. That’s why you need to wash them carefully with proper care.

You can follow these steps to know how to give a guinea pig a bath.

  1. Before bathing your guinea pig, make sure you relax him by holding him close to you.
  2. You can also stroke its fur gently if your guinea pig is acting a bit grumpy.
  3. Now, gently remove surface dirt from your guinea pig’s fur with a damp cloth.
  4. Make sure you use a clean cloth wet in warm water and then wipe the rodent.
  5. In a small container, lay a small cloth at the bottom to prevent your pet from slipping.
  6. Then, pour enough amount of warm water into the container (till it reaches about 2 inches).
  7. Let the pet get used to the water by dipping their toes into it first.
  8. Now, gently put your guinea pig into this container filled with warm water.
  9. Leave your pet in the water for a couple of minutes till it adjusts to the water temperature.
  10. Take a small scoop of warm water in your hands and pour it over the pet’s body.
  11. Make sure you don’t pour water on its face or ears, only wet its fur.
  12. Now, take a few drops of guinea pig shampoo into your hands.
  13. Gently massage the shampoo into the pet’s fur.
  14. Thoroughly rinse the pet well to make sure you’ve removed all the shampoo out of its fur.
  15. Then, wrap your pet in a dry towel to get most of the water off of them.
  16. Make sure you keep your pet’s head out so he/she can breathe.
  17. Once most of the water is removed, take your pet on your lap.
  18. Keep towel drying your guinea pig till it stops shivering.
  19. During this, make sure you brush its fur with your fingers to prevent tangles.
  20. To finish off, you can use a cool hairdryer setting to dry your pet.
  21. Now, keep your pet in a warm place for a few hours.

During this entire bathing process, make sure you stay close to your guinea pet to reassure him/her. In case your pet is feeling distressed in the water, you can offer them a treat to develop a positive environment. Also, to know how to dry a guinea pig, you can start from the 15th step.

You can now keep on reading to know how to give a guinea pig a bath without using a pet shampoo.

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Give A Guinea Pig A Bath Without Using A Shampoo

Some pet owners don’t use guinea pig shampoo to clean their pet guinea pigs. This prevents your pet from the adverse effects of the chemicals and is also cost-effective.

You can use these methods to know how to give a guinea pig a bath without shampoo.

  • Warm Water

You can bathe your guinea pig by simply using plain, warm water. Make sure the temperature provides your pet with a comfortable bathing experience. This method is completely safe and won’t dry out their skin and hair.

  • Damp Towel

Using a damp towel, you can easily clean your pet. Do not use your bath towel as it is not the right type of towel for your pet. You can use a small hand towel that is proportional to your pet’s size. Make sure you gently wipe their eyes, nose, and other body parts by applying gentle pressure.

  • Unscented Baby Shampoo

Now, can you bathe a guinea pig with baby shampoo? Yes, unscented baby shampoo is safe for guinea pig wash. Usually, baby shampoos are formulated for delicate skin and are very mild on the skin. Simply dilute the baby shampoo in clean water and use it to clean your pet as usual.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

You can use diluted apple cider vinegar mixed with essential oil to bathing your guinea pig. But make sure you use it sparingly as it is highly acidic and strongly scented. Just spray a small amount of diluted apple cider vinegar onto their body and clean it using a clean towel.

  • Pet Wipes

One of the best alternatives for shampoo is pet wipes! You can easily clean off the dirt from your pet’s fur by simply wiping them with pet wipes. But this method is only recommended if your pet isn’t very dirty.

Now, you must be wondering can you give a guinea pig a bath with dawn soap? No, it is best to avoid using the dawn soap to give your guinea pig a bath. This is because it contains many harsh chemicals and can irritate their skin.

Important Points To Consider While Bathing A Guinea Pig

Till now, I hope you’ve understood how to give a guinea pig a bath. There are certain factors you need to remember while bathing this rodent.

  • When it comes to how often you can give a guinea pig a bath, the answer is pretty simple! You can bathe guinea pigs approximately 2 to 4 times a year.
  • Avoid getting the guinea pet shampoo near the pet’s face and ears.
  • Make sure you don’t use human or dog shampoo for bathing guinea pigs.
  • You can prefer spot cleaning your guinea pigs if are not much dirty.
  • While using a hair dryer, don’t aim the jet of air at their ears.
  • Make sure you keep moving the dryer so that it doesn’t heat one particular spot too much.
  • Avoid bathing your guinea pig in cold climates as this can give them chills.
  • To spot-clean your pet’s fur, you can use warm soapy water and a washcloth.
  • For day-to-day hygiene, you can apply guinea pig dusting powder on their fur. Then, brush it into the skin using a stiff brush.

Tips To Remember For Your Guinea Pig Bedding

It is very important to keep the bedding of your pet neat and clean. You can consider the following tips to maintain good hygiene for your pet.

  • Make sure you always change their bedding at least once a day.
  • To make their cage even more comfortable, you can line the cage with newspapers or old towels.
  • You can use clear detergents to clean your pet’s cage.
  • Never disinfect your pet’s cage unless and until they are dealing with an illness.
  • Also, do not use bleach to clean your pet’s case as it can irritate their feet, eyes, and respiratory tracts.
  • You can spot-clean your pet’s cage by using a hand broom.

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How Often Should You Bathe Guinea Pigs?

How often should I bathe my guinea pig? Unlike humans, guinea pigs will only ever need a bath approximately 2 to 4 times a year. For hairless varieties, bathing is very rarely encouraged due to their particularly sensitive skin, and their difficulty in regulating their temperature.

Are You Supposed To Bathe Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs only need to be bathed once a month in the summer, and every two months in the winter. This is unless your pet needs of an anti-parasite bath, or if you’ve been told by a vet to bathe them more frequently. In general, too much bathing puts the animals at risk of skin infections and chills.

What Happens If I Don’t Bathe My Guinea Pig?

Unnecessary baths will result in dry fur coats and skin. If your guinea pigs often smell bad, it usually boils down to the possibility of guinea pig being sick. Please visit an exotic vet immediately. Some illness may cause the guinea pigs to be smellier than usual.

How Do You Bathe A Guinea Pig For The First Time?

Gently pour a little water over them, using one hand to shield their faces. Once they are thoroughly wet (apart from their head which you can wet with your fingertips) lift them from of the water and place them on a soft towel (in a lap, ideally). Lather a little shampoo over the guinea pig’s body.

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Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap On Guinea Pigs?

Can I Use Dawn Dish Soap to Wash My Guinea Pig? Although some articles say it is safe to use Dawn dish soap to wash your guinea pig, we recommend that you don’t. Even the gentlest dish soaps contain ingredients that may be too harsh on your guinea pig’s skin.

Can You Bathe A Guinea Pig With Dog Shampoo?

Don’t use human or dog shampoos on guinea pigs since these could irritate guinea pig skin. If you only need to spot clean your guinea pig, put a few drops of liquid dish soap into a small container with lukewarm water. Rub the soapy water onto the guinea pig’s fur with cotton balls.


In the above post, I’ve explained how to give a guinea pig a bath in detail. Simply wet your pet pig with warm water and use a guinea pig shampoo for bathing. The best time to bathe your pet guinea pig is when it’s not too wet outside. Bathing guinea pigs in a cold climate can give them chills. There is a huge misunderstanding that a bath can kill a guinea pig. No, bathing won’t kill guinea pigs unless they are sick. Therefore, you can now easily clean and bathe your guinea pig by learning how to give a guinea pig a bath.


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