How To Give A Pokemon Food In Arceus?

How To Give A Pokemon Food In Arceus? In the game “Pokemon Legends: Arceus,” players have the ability to give their Pokemon food to help boost their stats and improve their performance in battles. Here’s how to give a Pokemon food in Arceus:

How To Give A Pokemon Food In Arceus?

Step 1: Go To The “Party” Menu

From the main menu, select the “Party” option to view all of the Pokemon in your party.

Step 2: Choose The Pokemon To Feed

Select the Pokemon you want to feed from the party menu. This will bring up a detailed view of the Pokemon’s stats and abilities.

Step 3: Select The “Feed” Option

In the Pokemon detail view, select the “Feed” option from the menu.

Step 4: Choose The Type Of Food To Feed

Choose the type of food you want to give your Pokemon. There are several different types of food in Arceus, each of which provides different benefits.

Step 5: Select The Amount Of Food To Feed

After choosing the type of food, select the amount you want to give your Pokemon. The more food you give, the greater the effect on your Pokemon’s stats.

Step 6: Confirm And Feed

Confirm the amount of food you want to give your Pokemon and select the “Feed” option to complete the process. Your Pokemon will now receive the benefits of the food you gave them.

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Can You Give Pokémon Items In Arceus?

In addition to Pokémon, you are also able to trade items with friends in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Unlike trading Pokémon, however, this comes at a small price. Trading items will cost you some of your Merit Points, so you won’t be able to stock up on free items that easily.

How Do You Feed Your Pokémon?

Feed your buddy by selecting a snack you want to feed them, then tossing it to your buddy. If you miss your toss, the Berry or Poffin you threw won’t be removed from your inventory, so you can try again as many times as you like.

How Do You Give Magikarp Food To Arceus?

Although Magikarp isn’t a particularly aggressive Pokemon–even Alpha Magikarp aren’t really hostile due to their continued weakness–the player waits for them to calm down before throwing Oran berries in various directions. The Magikarp quickly swims after the berries and begins eating before the fruit can despawn.

Can You Feed Alpha Pokémon?

Even when the player character is invisible, Alpha Pokémon are still difficult to catch, but like other Pokémon, they lower their guard while eating. While you can toss out a regular berry, your best bet is to lure them with their favorite food.


Giving your Pokemon food in “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” can be a great way to improve their stats and performance in battles. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily feed your Pokemon and help them reach their full potential. Experiment with different types of food to see which works best for your Pokemon, and remember to feed them regularly to maintain their strength and abilities.


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