How To Give Your Pokemon Food Arceus?

Arceus is a mythical Pokemon that is said to be the creator of the Pokemon universe. In the Pokemon games, Arceus is known for its ability to change its type depending on the type of plate it is holding. However, Arceus can also be given food items in order to change their type. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to give your Pokemon food Arceus.

How To Give Your Pokemon Food Arceus?

Step 1: Obtain Arceus

The first step in giving your Pokemon food Arceus is to obtain an Arceus. Arceus can be obtained through special events or through trading with other players. Once you have an Arceus, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Obtain The Food Items

There are 18 different food items that can be given to Arceus in order to change their type. These items are called type-boosting items and include items like the Flame Plate, Splash Plate, and Sky Plate. These items can be obtained by purchasing them from the Battle Frontier or by finding them in the game world.

Step 3: Give Arceus The Food Item

To give Arceus the food item, you must first have it in your inventory. Once you have the food item, select Arceus from your Pokemon party and choose the “Give” option. Select the food item you want to give to Arceus and confirm your choice. Arceus will then consume the food item and its type will change to match the type of the food item.

Step 4: Battle With Arceus

After giving Arceus the food item, you can use it in battles. Arceus’s type will change to match the type of food item it consumed, giving it new strengths and weaknesses. This can be a useful strategy when facing opponents with specific weaknesses or resistances.

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How Do You Feed Your Pokémon?

Feed your buddy by selecting a snack you want to feed them, then tossing it to your buddy. If you miss your toss, the Berry or Poffin you threw won’t be removed from your inventory, so you can try again as many times as you like.

How Do You Give Magikarp Food To Arceus?

Although Magikarp isn’t a particularly aggressive Pokemon–even Alpha Magikarp aren’t really hostile due to their continued weakness–the player waits for them to calm down before throwing Oran berries in various directions. The Magikarp quickly swims after the berries and begins eating before the fruit can despawn.

How Do I Give My Pokémon To Marie Arceus?

Right next to a large sign will be Marie, the NPC you will need to talk to in order to pull up the pastures menu. She’ll ask you if there are any Pokémon you’d like to leave with her, and then you will have access to all of your stored Pokémon.

Can You Give Pokemon Items In Arceus?

In addition to Pokémon, you are also able to trade items with friends in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Unlike trading Pokémon, however, this comes at a small price. Trading items will cost you some of your Merit Points, so you won’t be able to stock up on free items that easily.


In conclusion, giving your Pokemon food Arceus is a fun and useful way to change its type and improve its battle abilities. Obtaining an Arceus and the type-boosting food items can be a challenge, but the rewards are worth it. Remember to have fun and experiment with different combinations of Arceus and food items to find the best strategy for your battles.


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