What Is A Stop Stick?

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In the realm of law enforcement and public safety, innovation plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of officers, civilians, and the community as a whole. One such innovation is the “Stop Stick,” a powerful tool designed to bring vehicles to a controlled stop during pursuits, minimizing risks and enhancing the efficiency of law enforcement operations. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of the Stop Stick, exploring its purpose, functionality, benefits, and its crucial role in maintaining road safety.

What Is A Stop Stick?

The Stop Stick, also known as a tire deflation device, is a specialized tool employed by law enforcement agencies to safely and effectively bring moving vehicles to a stop. It is designed to deflate the tires of a pursued vehicle in a controlled manner, minimizing the risk of high-speed pursuits that could endanger lives and property.

How The Stop Stick Works:

The Stop Stick operates on a straightforward yet ingenious principle:

  1. Deployment: Law enforcement officers position the Stop Stick in the path of the pursued vehicle, ideally in a location where it can puncture the tires when the vehicle drives over it.
  2. Tire Puncture: As the pursued vehicle drives over the Stop Stick, the device punctures the tires, causing a gradual loss of air pressure.
  3. Controlled Deflation: The gradual deflation of the tires reduces the pursued vehicle’s speed, making it increasingly difficult for the driver to maintain control.
  4. Safe Stop: Eventually, the pursued vehicle comes to a controlled stop, reducing the risk of collisions and allowing officers to safely approach and apprehend the occupants.

Benefits Of Stop Stick:

The Stop Stick offers several benefits that contribute to safer law enforcement operations and public safety:

  1. Minimized Risks: By deflating tires and reducing vehicle speeds, the Stop Stick reduces the risk of high-speed pursuits that can lead to accidents and injuries.
  2. Enhanced Officer Safety: Stop Stick deployments allow officers to apprehend suspects in a controlled and less confrontational manner, minimizing potential conflicts.
  3. Public Safety: The use of the Stop Stick protects innocent bystanders and other motorists from the dangers associated with high-speed chases.
  4. Efficiency: Stop Stick deployments can quickly bring pursuits to a safe conclusion, reducing the duration of potentially dangerous situations.

Proper Training And Usage:

Effective and safe usage of the Stop Stick requires proper training for law enforcement officers. Officers must be trained to position the device strategically and communicate effectively with their team to ensure successful deployments.


The Stop Stick stands as a testament to the ongoing innovation in law enforcement and public safety. By offering a controlled and safer method to stop pursued vehicles, the Stop Stick enhances the efficiency of law enforcement operations while prioritizing the well-being of officers, suspects, and the public. As technology and tactics continue to evolve, tools like the Stop Stick underscore the commitment to creating a safer, more secure environment for everyone on the road.

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What Is Another Name For A Stop Stick?

A spike strip (spike belt, traffic spikes, tire shredders, stingers, stop sticks, Stinger or formally known as a tire deflation device) is a device or incident weapon used to impede or stop the movement of wheeled vehicles by puncturing their tires.

What Is A Pursuit Terminator?

Stop Pursuits Before They Start

Originally developed for the U.S. Customs Service, the Terminator® provides additional control at checkpoints, secure areas, traffic stops, alcohol checks, surveillance, drug raids, warrants, and other situations.

What Is A Spike Strip Device Used By Police?

A police stinger is typically made of a heavy-duty plastic or rubber strip that is lined with dozens of sharp metal spikes. The spikes are designed to puncture the tires of a targeted vehicle when it drives over the strip.

What Are The Benefits Of Stop Sticks?

With Stop Stick, Ltd.’s line of pursuit prevention and perimeter protection products, law enforcement personnel can quickly and easily secure vehicles and venues. Intended for use when a vehicle needs stopped immediately, these devices will deflate tires in 5 seconds or less.

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